Lauren Costa

Lauren is the Office Assistant and the right hand woman to Elise and Jeff.  Her past positions include Telsey + Company, KPA Talent Management, AZ Casting, and Pearson Casting in London.  A 2020 graduate of Pace University, she has a strong background in theatre and holds a BBA in Arts & Entertainment Management. She has a passion for social justice and also previously worked with Every Day Action which specializes in repurposing left over food from TV & Film sets and donating to the homeless. 

Elise Koseff

As Senior Vice President of MKS&D, Elise is responsible for the management of a selective list of the firm’s key clients, along with collaborating with the executive committee on the long term strategic goals of the firm and it’s clients. Elise joined J. Mitchell Management in 1987, with a BFA degree in Theater Arts Management from Ithaca College. Since that time, she and Jeff Mitchell established and developed the careers of dozens of film and TV personalities, including James Gandolfini (“The Soprano’s); Robert Iler (“The Soprano’s); Nikki M. James (“The Book of Mormon” Tony Award Winner), Molly Shannon (“Saturday Night Live”) and many others.

Jeff Mitchell

After many years as a successful youth actor in theatre, soap operas, film and over 200 television commercials, Jeff went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in acting from New York University’s Tish School of the Arts and Circle in the Square theatre conservatory. After graduating from college, he immediately transitioned over to the representation side of the business, first working as a casting assistant at Deborah Brown Casting, and later establishing and running the voice-over department at Kronick & Kelly, one of NYC’s largest talent agencies for young people at the time (now a division of A3, formerly Abrams Artists). Jeff established J. Mitchell Management in March 1986. JMM …