Elise Koseff
Senior Vice President

As Senior Vice President of MKS&D, Elise is responsible for the management of a selective list of the firm’s key clients, along with collaborating with the executive committee on the long-term strategic goals of the firm and it’s clients. Elise joined J. Mitchell Management in 1987 with a BFA degree in Theater Arts Management from Ithaca College. Since that time, she and Jeff Mitchell have established and developed the careers of dozens of film and TV personalities, including James Gandolfini (“The Soprano’s), Robert Iler (“The Soprano’s), Nikki M. James (“The Book of Mormon,” Tony Award Winner), Molly Shannon (“Saturday Night Live), and many others.

Talent Submission Form

If you are looking for representation and would like to submit your materials for our review, please email us at [email protected]. Please do not call our office, as we do not accept unsolicited callers.

We prefer that your pictures, videos and other materials be viewable via LINKS, not attachments, on reputable websites such as ActorsAccess.com, IMDB, Vimeo, Youtube, etc.

Please note whether you are NY or LA-based and if you have an agent.

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